Board Members

Board Members are volunteers who believe in the cause of the organization. All Board Members serve for one year annual terms. More information about the Board Members can be found below.

Bente Acking
Bente is a consultant within Interactive Experiences, and is LGBT EAGLE leader for Sweden and Out Role Model in Europe within IBM. She organised IBMs participation in the Stockholm Pride Parade 2014, and works with Straight Ally program and reverse mentoring in IBM. She has been nominated for Diversity awards at IBM.

Rodney Cornelius
Rodney currently focuses on IT, Security, and Equality issues. Rodney joined HP in September 2013 after a 15 year career with IBM and has held a variety of operational and leadership positions. You can find out more about Rodney at his website or blog.

Johnny K Federely
After Business Marketing studies in LA and London, Federley has built his reputation in the marketing area as speaker and with several marketing consultant roles at Ericsson, PRV as well as Manpower. He served as marketing manager at Hewlett-Packard Scandic from 2005-2013 where he won Gold at Sabre awards in Prague (HP Summer Camp). He was Digital Sales & Marketing Manager at Coca-Cola Enterprises starting the digital marketing department in 2013. Johnny was also Digital Strategist at UNICEF (2015) and he is now part of the MTG Marketing team. Johnny has also been board member at SIWI as well as several other boards including the Stockholm Water Prize.

Tobias Holfelt
hTobias Holfelt is CEO and Founder of MB Market Makers, a global firm focused on LGBT-marketing , sensitivity training and research and can currently reach around 30 million LGBT-consumers world-wide. Tobias is also the Nordic Ambassador for IGLTA, has served in several LGBT-organisations and is in the steering-committee for the Faculty of Gender Sciences at Lund University as well as on the Board for the Association of Gender Entrepreneurs.

Charlotte Naversten
Charlotte has a background in political science and now works as a communications consultant at Comprend. Prior to that worked with marketing and communications at AcadeMedia, where she also took initiative to an LGBT network within the company. She used to be a board member of Open Moderates, the LGBT-organisation of the Moderate Party.

Christine Sahlström
Information will be updated soon.

Nadia Zabehi
Nadia Zabehi (نادیا ذابحی) is an Iranian/Canadian technologist who lives in Sweden, she is passionate about technology and human rights, Nadia is active in several organisations including RSFL, 6Rang (Iranian Lesbians and Transgender Network), and WIE (IEEE Women in Engineering) to name a few.