About Us

Started in 2012, the Professional LGBT Alliance of Sweden is a open network of business professionals. Our mission and goals are as follows.

Mission Statement
The mission statement of the LGBT Alliance is: “Unite individuals in Swedish business who share an interest in LGBT topics in professional life.”

The goals of the LGBT Alliance are to:

* Establish and nurture a peer network for LGBT professionals and our supporters

* Increase awareness about LGBT business topics

* Provide a platform for networking and fun

* Share best practices and highlight areas for improvement

* Offer mentoring

For the purposes of our organisation, a professional individual includes, but is not limited to: individuals actively employed or seeking employment; employment in any industry, government, or non-profit organisation; or student within 18 months of completing their studies.

We aim to offer a welcoming and supportive environment for all who wish to join. Your participation in the Professional Alliance will help make sure that happens!