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Welcome to our next event - a panel focused on LGBT rights and what the US election could mean for those rights in the US and beyond. We will also have an annual meeting.


Over the last eight years, the US has made progress in many areas regarding LGBT rights. For example, domestically, the US Supreme Court ruled that marriage equality must be recognised in all 50 states. Internationally, through USAid, the US government actively engages with NGO who have a focus on LGBT rights in the communities where they operate.



As a result of the US election and the election of Donald Trump, there have been many questions which have been asked both in the US and around the world about the impact that the incoming Trump administration will have on the future of LGBT rights in the US and around the world. During this panel discussion, we will explore that topic by asking questions or our panel about how what challenges they see today, as well as any opportunities which might open up.



18:00 Welcome and Introductions

18:10 Panel Discussion

18:40 Annual General Meeting

19:20 Networking Reception


Discussion Panel: “A New Era for LGBT Rights”

Tuesday, 17 January 2017 @ 18:00

Hotel Diplomat, Stockholm


Refreshments will be served


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